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On the week of february 27th, we had the pleasure of welcoming to WOSPAC BARCELONA the boys and girls from the under 12 category from Fort McMurray youth Soccer Association of Canada.

During the whole period, the 15 players did training sessions in order to improve the technical concepts of the game. The exercises are designed not only to increase their level but also to enjoy the sport. As well as having full training sessios, the teams also applied the new concepts in three friendly matches against local teams from Almeda, Cornella and Bellvitge.

The didactic experience in WOSPAC BARCELONA was completed with the visit to the training grounds of the affiliated team UE CORNELLA and with a traiing session of they first squad. They also received lectures about the sport in Catalonia.

The week in WOSPAC also gave the canadian kids the chance to have fun in the city, including a tour that took them to the most important emblematic places. Of course, as the big football fans they are, they especially enjoyed the visit to Camp Nou, FC BARCELONA‘s stadium. They walked through the grounds and museum and watched live the match against Sporting Gijón. They also had time to relax in WOSPAC pool and spa.

In all together, the whole week was an unforgettable experience for the players of the Fort McMurray Youth soccer Association, as well for our agent in Canada, David Navarro, whom we kindly thank for his full collaboration and dedication.

¡Until we meet again!


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