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WOSPAC BARCELONA would like to thanks to Dubai Pro Sport for this extraordinary week.

Players and technicians of Dubai ProSport Academy was participate on footballistic days which organise by WOSPAC BARCELONA. Participants was child of all ages and alll nationalities (as egyptians, sudaneses or americans). They was trained by WOSPAC méthods

Split by age, players done exercises to improve their techniques and tactics. The training plan was to improve footballistics capacities of the players while having fun. The plan was complete by an amical match and by technicals recommends for reinforce theory knowledge.

More over, Dubai ProSport academy players and their technical staff has appreciated barcelona city activities. They visited the city, RCD ESPANYOL and FC BARCELONA installation. To know the equipements of the two team is something unique for children. Who knows if in a few time some of them will benefits from these facilities as a professional players. This footballistic week finished by a graduation of players who’s done with succes the WOSPAC internship.

The icing on the cake was for the Dubai ProSport academy which receive a FC barcelona shirt, signed by Lionnel Messi.

It was a real pleasure to share this week with you

Good Luck!

Alex Bosacoma

Barcelona Football Agent

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