One of the main objectives of WOSPAC is to promote the values of sport around the five continents. With this clear objective, we have more than 30 franchises distributed around the world. We also manage sports academies in remote places such as Bermudas, Palestine and Senegal.

The senegal academy brings us news. A new social action plan has been launched that seeks integration through sport. More specifically football. The creator of the project is Seck Baye Dauada, WOSPAC agent in Dakar and responsible for the academy. Despite the limitations, he has managed to find support in clubs in the area, and some sponsors who make it possible to realize the project.

Thus many Senegalese children had the opportunity to improve their skills, their training, and to be prepared to jump in Europe earlier than expected.

We would like to congratulate Seck Baye Dauada for all he has accomplished.

We hope to see you soon.

Alex Bosacoma

Barcelona Football Agent

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